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Expedite Your Coin Handling Processes with an Automatic Coin Sorting Machine from Abacus


From retail stores to casinos to banks, coins are something of a necessary evil. They are no one’s favourite form of cash but are essential to make precise change and are frequently used by customers and patrons. At Abacus Cash Systems, we make the process of dealing with coins a lot less frustrating, with a variety of intuitive change sorters modified specifically for Australian coins.


Avoiding the Hassles of Dealing with Coins


It’s no secret that the consensus around coins—both for businesses and individuals—is that they are a hassle. Coins are heavy and awkward to carry. Making exact change depends mainly on the coins you have in your pocket or the cash register at any given time. And rolling coins and taking them to the bank—while possible—is time-consuming. Particularly for businesses that deal with many coins, counting everything up and getting an exact, reliable count is difficult, thanks in part to the various denominations of Australian coins.


With the right automatic coin sorter, your business can avoid all these hurdles. At Abacus, we carry a range of different coin sorting machines. These machines can rapidly count and sort your coins, improving the efficiency of your business. With an accurate coin sorter machine on the premises, you will find that handling coins (and getting coin deposits ready for the bank) is just as easy as dealing with paper money.


No longer will your employees have to painstakingly count the coins in the cash register at the end of a business day. Instead, just dump your coins into the change sorter, and the machine will do the rest. Most of the devices we carry at Abacus have been programmed to recognise and accept all denominations of Australian coins—including 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2.


Find the Right Automatic Coin Sorter for Your Business


At Abacus, we firmly believe that a coin sorting machine can be beneficial for any business that handles change daily. However, which change sorter is best for your business will depend on a few different factors.


Since getting our start in 2004, Abacus Cash Systems has become a go-to source for money sorting, counting and packaging machines. We serve Australia and New Zealand, as well as the surrounding Pacific island regions. Machines we sell have ended up everywhere from small retails stores to popular clubs and major casinos and banks.


Obviously, these businesses all have slightly different needs for cash sorting, based mostly on how much change they deal with every day. At Abacus, our coin sorter machines range from small table top machines that calculate up to 250 coins per minute to huge machines that can count at rates of up to 10,000 coins per minute.


If you need help choosing the right coin sorter for your business, Abacus is happy to help guide you in the right direction. To get started, contact us today on 1300 227 479.