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CM-600 Banknote/TITO Clearance System


The CM-600 series is comprised of a high performance banknote and TITO sorting machine with 6 counting pockets plus 1 reject pocket. The CM-600 features cutting-edge detection technology to improve processing speed and accuracy. By utilizing barcode imaging and archiving, both sides of the tickets are captured, recorded and easily exported via USB for compact storage.
The Windows Embedded platform ensure the system's scalability and 7-inch LCD touch screen enhances user experience. Extendable configuration based on main cash sorting unit facilitates various cash processing scenarios in high volume clubs, CIT businesses and back office of bank branches.


  • Upload all expected cash/ticket amounts in seconds prior to starting the clearance
  • Automatically verify each expected amount against the actual amount as you go
  • Count and sort cash/tickets in one pass
  • Automatic imaging of tickets for archiving
  • 500 stacker pocket capacity

This system will also scan all of your TITO tickets and verify them against the expected tickets uploaded from your gaming system for that clearance. It will save the clearance file (cash and tickets) to export into your gaming system, plus all the barcode images into a seperate file.


This can then be saved onto your network or a portable hard drive etc. If you ever need to find a ticket you search for the barcode number and the image is instantly displayed on your PC screen.



CM-600 Dimensions (W) 1169mm x (L) 425mm x (H) 613mm
Trolley Dimensions (W) 1549mm x (L) 425mm x (H) 650mm
CM-600 Weight 125 kgs


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