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CS-3500 Coin Sachet System

The CS-3500 Coin Sachet System is perfectly suited to the Australian market with multi sized coins as they are loosely held in plastic bank bags. The CS-3500 creates identical small clear plastic bags for any denomination using plastic film and a heated cutter. The CS-3500 ensures that you achieve an accurate, secure, and cost effective method of packaging large amounts of coin.
The CS-3500 is very easy to operate. Simply place coins into the hopper, press start and it will pack the coins automatically. Combined with our proven CS-95+, the CS-3500 can reach speeds of 30 sachets per minute (based on 20 coins per sachet).
The CS-3500 offers user-friendly controls enabling the operator to select any value of coin to be packaged in secure sealed bags. The mechanics of the machine have been specifically designed for trouble-free control, simple operation and easy maintenance.


  • Simple to use with little or no training
  • Saves labour costs
  • Proven robust electrical and mechanical design
  • Maximum access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Simple design on castor wheels to enable it to be moved between rooms


Speed - 30 bags per minute max. based on 20 coins per sachet
(the quantity of each sachet can be adjusted based on the operators requirements)
Packaging Film Size - 250mm x 0.1mm
Packaging Bag Length - 3 options (60, 90, 120mm)
Denominations - 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c $1.00, $2.00



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