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Make Life Easier on Your Retail Employees with This Coin Change Counting Machine for Your Money


If you run any retail business, whether it’s a clothing store, laundromat, or any other store that handles a lot of money and change, you could benefit from changing how you count and sort cash. In these retail environments, your employees have many things tasks throughout a day, and a crucial one involves the accurate counting and depositing of money. For decades, businesses have done these processes by hand, often resulting in mistakes, lost money, inaccurate reporting and, unfortunately, sometimes even theft. Now, in the technology-centric 21st century, it’s a massive waste of time and money for you to pay your employees to count and sort currency manually.


With how much else they could do during that time; wouldn’t it be easier to have an automated system handling the money counting and sorting? Cash automation systems have become widely used over the past few years, resulting in more accurate counting, sorting, and depositing of your business’ revenue. These machines handle money more accurately than any retail employee could and it frees up your workforce for other tasks that do require a hands-on approach. At Abacus Cash Systems, we’ve manufactured a money counting machine for coin and change that eliminates the possibility of employee error and inaccurate counts.


What Our Change Counting Machine Does


We have multiple version of this coin counting machine, but the main benefits are the same. These multi-functional coin counters are perfect for retail shops, clubs, and hotels where customers often use cash to pay for goods and services. Our machines automate the counting process, counting thousands of coins per minute. They can also dispense change accurately when necessary.


So, why does your business need a coin counting machine? First, it’ll save you and your employees a lot of time. They work faster than any person ever could. As mentioned before, our machines count thousands of coins per minute and do it with pinpoint accuracy. No-one can do that. When you run a business, you want to eliminate any potential for error, especially when it involves money. If you’ve dealt with inaccurate reporting, accounting, or money deposits that aren’t correct, you know how much stress that can put on you and your employees.


Our Abacus cash automation machines are meant to make your lives easier. They’re accurate time-savers that decrease the potential for revenue losses. Any retail business will benefit from these machines, and they’re extremely easy to implement.


Call Us Today


For over a decade, our dedicated team at Abacus Cash Systems has made its goal to help better automate the cash handling and counting processes in retail businesses. We’ve developed a line of automation systems that we believe are some of the best and most accurate on the market. Our long list of satisfied customers has seen improvements in their accounting and daily reporting, leading to better profit margins and less money loss.


If you’re interested in automating your cash counting, call us on 1300 227 479.