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Simplify the Process of Managing Your Tills in Retail with a Teller Cash Recycler from Abacus Cash Systems


The till is the hub through which all business flows in a retail environment, from small coffee shops to massive supermarkets that serve thousands of customers a day. The cashier manages customer interactions, handles the transaction, and keeps a close eye on the cash in their drawer. They do not start out the day with a full drawer, though — it is essential for every employee manning the till to start with a standard, recorded amount. As you may know, setting up a system for filling and emptying the tills can be a source of both stress and logistical difficulty. Have you considered the possibility of adding a cash recycler to your back office?


More than just a machine to count and verify totals, a retail cash recycler can have a dramatic effect on productivity and efficiency. At Abacus Cash Systems, we are proud to offer our clients a diverse range of products for managing their cash counting and oversight requirements. As a leader in the industry and with many satisfied clients in many sectors, we understand that the meticulous demands faced by your business are unique. However, the SafeCash recycler has a host of features that make it suitable for many businesses. Consider what it can accomplish in a typical workday.


A cash recycler offers versatile functionality


Each retail employee who operates a till receives a personal PIN which corresponds to their account on the teller cash recycler. At the start of their shift, they can key in this PIN, select the "Pay Out" feature, and instantly receive the correct, pre-determined amount for their till. The machine dispenses cash in the appropriate denominations while also outputting coins. The teller cash recycler deposits coins in a special drawer, separated into type, for secure transfer into the till. It then prints a receipt for confirmation.


At the end of the day, the same employee can return to the recycler and pay in the funds in their cash register. Recycling in-house reduces the need for trips to the bank, improves accuracy, and rapidly speeds up necessary tasks at the start and end of each day. The Abacus team is ready to set up one of these machines just as your business needs it — and if you have special requirements, we can work to accommodate them with this incredible technology.


Receive attentive service and helpful advice today


Overhauling your processes does not have to be a disruptive event. In fact, with the introduction of an advanced recycler, you will add simplicity to the workday, not complication. With even better digital record keeping built into the machine and operations that are easy to teach, your staff will soon quickly handle picking up and depositing their till trays for the day. Ring us today on 1300 227 479 to further discuss the advantages of a new teller cash recycler, or click here to request a call back at a time convenient to you. We look forward to "making your money count"!