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Why Your Bank or Credit Union Should Invest in This Retail Teller Cash Recycling Machine


Whenever there’s a cash-centric business – such as a bank, credit union, or casino – there are always issues surrounding proper money handling, processing, and security. Any time you hire an employee whose primary job involves counting and depositing money; there are security risks. You do background checks, criminal history checks, and evaluations via interviews to determine whether that person is suitable and trustworthy. Despite your best efforts, you still never know if an employee is damaging your cash-based business by making mistakes during the handling process.


Cash automation has become a safe and secure way to eliminate these issues. By using a cash recycling machine, banks and credit unions have cut down on money loss and theft. Thanks to these devices, banks have gained better control over the cash that goes in and out each day. A retail cash recycling machine can speed up and automate the cash counting process, offering detailed reporting which keeps employees accountable and makes daily accounting much more manageable. At Abacus Cash Systems, we supply cash-based businesses with cash automation machines to help reduce theft, increase counting speed, and minimise errors.


Benefits of the Teller Cash Recycling Machine in Banks


With our retail cash recycling machines, you can streamline your cash counting operations. Thanks to our innovative tools, you can quickly drop in a bulk amount of money, have it accurately counted, and have the machine dispense floats to refill ATMs, cash redemption terminals, and the cash office. Before our cash automation systems, the bank teller had to do all this by hand, which likely resulted in some mistakes and problems along the way.


Our cash recycler has a long list of benefits including improved cash management and less back-office administration, meaning that you’ll spend less time on manual accounting and end up with more accurate results and reporting. You’ll also get real-time monitoring of cash levels via the machines, resulting in better CIT (cash in transit) service and, thanks to the real-time tracking, you’ll have complete transaction transparency. Unlike manual counting, this leads to absolutely no cash discrepancies at the end of a business day.


Our machines help reduce costs all throughout your banks. The automation and reporting reduce lost money while the counting and sorting help you cut down on labour costs and allow your teller to enjoy a smooth end-of-day procedure. At Abacus Cash Systems, we want our products to benefit you daily, and that’s why we ensure that our automation systems are some of the best on the market.


About Us


For more than a decade, our business has operated in the cash and coin handling business, focusing on more accurate, automated systems for banks, retail shops, casinos, clubs, and many other businesses where cash and coin are widely used. Our team has over 50 years of industry experience, which gives us much authority and knowledge.


We’re dedicated to serving our customers with the best customer support and quick service time in the event of machine issues. We want your business to run smoothly with the help of our cash automation systems. To discuss our line of products, call us on 1300 227 479.