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Choose an Automatic Change Counter Machine That Can Handle Your High Daily Coin Volume


Counting banknotes, even if one must do it by hand, is not a very difficult task — in fact, with practice, it can be done rapidly. The introduction of machines makes it even faster. When it comes to counting coins, though, doing the task by ...read more.


Expedite Your Coin Handling Processes with an Automatic Coin Sorting Machine from Abacus


From retail stores to casinos to banks, coins are something of a necessary evil. They are no one’s favourite form of cash but are essential to make precise change and are frequently used by customers and patrons. At Abacus Cash Systems, we make ...read more.


Improve Speed & Accuracy While Reducing Note Handling with an Advanced Banknote Counter Machine from Abacus Cash Systems


Numbers are everything in a business place that conducts many transactions in cash. Casinos, banks, clubs and more — all these places receive many banknotes from their customers and clients. Keeping track of the amount of cash in-house ...read more.


Cut Down on the Inaccuracies of Note Counting. Stop Handling Cash by Hand with a Banknote Counting Machine


A high-profile business such as a bank or credit union sees a lot of physical cash every day. Whether it’s coming in or going out, there’s so much money that exchanges hands between your tellers and customers. It’s hard to keep an accurate ...read more.


Why Your Business Needs a Banknote, Coin, or Money Sorter


Every business wants ways to save time and improve productivity and efficiency. Every company wants safeguards that can prevent clerical errors or other mistakes that result in monetary losses. Yet, despite the impulse to cut wasteful processes ...read more.


Simplify End of Day Money Handling Procedures with an Advanced Cash Counter Machine


When it's time to close shop at the end of the day, counting down the drawers in the tills is one of the last yet most essential tasks on the to-do list. How do your employees currently handle this process? Do they manually count all the ...read more.


Having Problems with Your Cash Dispensing Machine? Call Abacus Cash Systems for an Urgent Service


When your cash dispenser isn’t working correctly, it can throw a wrench in your business’s day-to-day operations. Perhaps you have a cash dispenser machine in the lobby of your bank office, to make it easy for customers to withdraw cash from ...read more.


Make Life Easier on Your Retail Employees with This Coin Change Counting Machine for Your Money


If you run any retail business, whether it’s a clothing store, laundromat, or any other store that handles a lot of money and change, you could benefit from changing how you count and sort cash. In these retail environments, your employees ...read more.


Count the Money in Your Till Faster with Note Scales and Coin Weighing Machines from Abacus Cash Systems


What if you could count the coins in your cash register without taking them out of the till, or calculate the full dollar amount for a stack of banknotes without having to unbundle them? With money weighing machines, both are possible. Counting ...read more.


Make it Easy for Customers to Get Their Hands on the Banknotes and Change They Need, with Coin and Note Dispenser Machines from Abacus Cash Systems


From coin dispensers to ATMs, automatic money dispensers are helpful in a variety of situations. Perhaps your business is reliant on customers receive exact change. Parking garages, arcades, casino floors and tollbooths are examples of ...read more.


Streamline Your Daily Operations in Retail or Banking Via a Teller Cash Recycler Machine


In many types of business operations, the cash handling procedures that go on behind the scenes can consume a lot of manpower. It is a significant focus for security and accuracy is of the utmost importance, after all. Whether it's managing ...read more.


Simplify the Process of Managing Your Tills in Retail with a Teller Cash Recycler from Abacus Cash Systems


The till is the hub through which all business flows in a retail environment, from small coffee shops to massive supermarkets that serve thousands of customers a day. The cashier manages customer interactions, handles the transaction, and keeps ...read more.


Why Your Bank or Credit Union Should Invest in This Retail Teller Cash Recycling Machine


Whenever there’s a cash-centric business – such as a bank, credit union, or casino – there are always issues surrounding proper money handling, processing, and security. Any time you hire an employee whose primary job involves counting ...read more.